Rendezvous with the Lady Photographer

So you’d like to meet this curious photosnapper, would you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me assure you; I’d love to meet you too!

*attempts to step through screen* Ooops, that’s not going to work…and I’m afraid I don’t have Alice In Wonderland’s shrinking mushroom to eat, either, so I can’t fit into my TARDIS. (Doctor Who reference)

Maybe I’d better settle for just introducing myself and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, you’ll tell me a little about yourself in return!

My name is Sian Garner-Jones. I was born Sian Jones, but changed it to Garner-Jones after being taken in and loved unconditionally as adopted daughter and sister by a family I’d never met before when I first visited the USA in 2011.

I’m half Welsh and 3/8ths English, 1/8 Irish with Scots in the background, so I call myself British. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m also known online to many people as Jane Johnson (aka “Queen Jane” due to my proclamation of sovereign British rule :P), my author pseudonym that I invented at the tender age of eight.

I’m presently 19, nearly 20 years old and very much in love with my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, although I fail Him almost every waking minute.

He has never abandoned me, no matter my crimes. For loving me unconditionally and paying my sentence of execution for breaking the laws of Divine Government, He has my undivided loyalty and is the Love of my life.

The point of my life is to live to serve Him. I have dreams, but He is the ultimate controller of my destiny, as He has already proved by taking my life and putting it back together as He chooses.

I’m aย dilettante. I’m a writer, poet, musician, singer, artist, photographer, weaver, spinner, knitter, crocheter, proof-reader, sewer, blogger, Tweeter, Facebooker, social-networker, adoptive mother, daughter, mentor, sister, advisor, confidante, chat-runner, messy, slow, thoughtful, talkative, lazy and productive by turns. I can turn my hand to many things, but I can honestly say there are three things that I definitively am.

I am Christ’s follower. I stumble and fall many times but I can honestly say – He has glued my hand to the plough and by His grace and mercy alone, I am not turning back.

I am a daughter, sister and mother. My passion in life above all else is to reach out to others, to use my pain to minister to others and share in silence and love them through their suffering – even when they hurt. I fail at that too, but God keeps me going.

And I am me. Which is definitely an experience to be. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even with all the background of my nineteen years, I wouldn’t swap being me for the world. God can use me in some ways that He wouldn’t be able to if I wasn’t me.

And me is very happy to meet you. ๐Ÿ˜€

The background of my photoblog is that of the dawn. And I hope dawn comes into your heart as you study God’s wonderful handiwork.

My prayer is that my photos will bring hope, and peace, and awe, and love, and amazement, and God into your soul. Praise Him for His mighty arm, His wondrous deeds, and the tender touch that creates artistry in the tiniest detail.

~Mademoiselleย Siรขn


One thought on “Rendezvous with the Lady Photographer

  1. Thought I failed. Thought I was trash. I realised Jesus has won - He says I am worthy. I am. says:

    “although I fail Him almost every waking minute.”
    Religion teaches us we are failures. It hurts me to hear the above phrase used so often amongst God’s children. Jesus teaches us we are the crown in His jewel – His friend, His bride. Honey, you can never fail Jesus. He loves you. These rough opportunities are where you learn and grow – don’t you know Jesus knows everything about you? He walks with you in your strengths and in your weaknesses. God doesn’t make failing creatures. He makes all things beautiful. You succeed because Jesus lives. You will ONLY succeed because He Loves. He has already decided you are worthy. He has a place waiting for you. His deed is done – you can’t go back to feeling like a failure; and NO ONE or NO THING can turn back time to undo His Grace. Embrace it. Realise your value through His eyes – there is no failure there.

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